Robert Cool - President - RF 310, CF 3380, CA MI-0046AU, ACF

Tree Appraisals

Tree appraisals are performed for many reasons including loss due to storm or human causes, wrongful taking and wrongful use. MFC's staff can provide expert appraisals for all situations. Timber stand and individual tree value appraisals are done to provide and assess the value of the tree. This value is determined by use, location, kind of the tree or trees. Because tree values can vary greatly, it takes a trained professional to provide the proper appraisal.

Timber Sale Administration
MFC handles all aspects of the sale, from developing a management plan and marking the trees through to the sale and harvest completion. MFC works on behalf of the woodlot owner to insure that their interests will be protected and maximum value is achieved during the timber sale process. Trees are selectively removed, based on "Best Management Practices" criteria that will benefit the residual stand for future uses. To insure the trees are sold at fair-market prices, a timber sale notice is distributed to timber buyers and mills throughout the state to solicit competitive bids.